Himitsu Story

Himistu is the first story/collage with the artist Swag_Shini in which she has represented with a fantastic work the characters of this story.

In Himitsu collection, we want to represent the freedom to express how you feel without being bound by your gender.

The characters in this story represent this.

Asa, Hiroko, and Saki do crossplay with the difference that sometimes they hide it for some reason or another.

Asa-kun has always liked nice things, that's why he secretly works in a maid cafe, but because of what people will say and the social pressure it's still hard for him, on the other hand, Hiroko hides it for fun, it's her way of hiding from the world around her and being able to act without keeping up appearances.

Saki in her case has an image of a calm and correct person, to take away the stress of carrying that image and to show her true feelings for Asa-Kun in a possessive way.

The conclusion of this story is up to you

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