Our Artist Nunaa

What can you tell us about yourself?

Hello ❤️, my name is nunaaa, nice to meet you.

I'm 18 years old and I'm from Peru

I'm a university student who loves to draw

At what age did you start drawing?

I draw since I can remember, I really liked to grab colours and doodle anywhere, either in notebooks, walls, even on my own clothes, I really caused a lot of mess thanks to that.

When did you start thinking about it more seriously?

 I started to give it more importance when I got into social networks, I saw so many artists with amazing works, and that motivated me to keep practicing to be like them

What artists have inspired you or do you admire?

There were several artists I admired, but the ones I remember most are ari.nunnunano, SP_owo, Tamaytka, Mirka Andolfo and Loish.

If you had to define your style, how would you define it?

I don't really have a defined style, every drawing I do has a style of its own, still something that most of my drawings have in common is that they are not very neat, I don't look for perfection because the "flaws" make them more unique.

When do you draw, what do you find most difficult to draw?

 Hands. Hands are a headache, it takes me a lot of time to make them, that's why I try not to include them in my drawings (;;;・_・)

What is your goal from now on?

Work from drawing (. ' ᴗ '.), at the moment I'm a part-time freelance, but in the future I would like to make this a stable job, let's go for it!

How is a normal day from Nunaa ?

I'm a pretty simple person with a simple life

I wake up > breakfast > study > lunch > study > drawing > dinner > drawing > sleep

I do nothing but study and draw (๑-﹏-)

What anime, manga or manhwa,manhua are your favorites?

Uuuu I love the divorced empress, drama is my thing haha.

Reincarnation manhwas are my addiction, they will be very cliché, but I can't resist them.

How has the experience of working together been?

 It was a very nice experience, I'm very grateful for the kindness they offered me when I dealt with Isshō, at the beginning I was very nervous because it was the first time I did illustrations for someone, still they gave me all the confidence and made me feel quite comfortable, thank you very much for offering me this opportunity! ( ◜‿◝ )♡

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