Our Artits Swag_Shini

What can you tell us about yourself?

Hi! I'm Swagatika (swag_shini) yeah my name has nothing to do with swag haha and I'm the artist for this beautiful project called Himitsu. I'm from India 🇮🇳 In my daily life I'm a student of 19 years old and part time freelancing artist too :P

At what age did you start drawing?

At the age of 10, I started watching anime and was really fascinated by the style of their drawings since then I leaned more towards their style :3

When did you start thinking about it more seriously?


After my 10th boards, I focused on studies more and probably stopped drawing regularly, But after 12th, I got into social medias and met new artists who inspired me to continue with my art journey.

I started digital art on June 2019 on my small phone with fingers with ibis paint x but gave up halfway cuz I thought I would get nowhere with it. But after meeting some artists who draw on phone too, decided to continue seriously from July 2020 :'3 at first it was hard but I was determined to draw digitally but couldn't afford a tablet haha. In a month, I got used to it and surprisingly did a few commissions to save enough money to buy a pen tab. Since then, I've been improving everyday!

Taking commissions help me lot, not only for retail therapy ;') but also cuz that's the only time when I draw. I never have the time to draw for myself as I'm preparing for one of the toughest entrance exams of my country.

What artists have inspired you or do you admire?

 Speaking of the artists that have inspired me, I would say all artists in general because every artist that I came across, I always learnt something from them, because all artists are unique and amazing!

If you had to define your style, how would you define it?


If I were to define my style, I would say...... I still don't have a definite style haha But I'm not worried and in no rush to force myself to find one. I think it'll come along the way. But I can say that I like and am better at drawing guys rather than girls haha maybe cuz of all the simping over anime men :P Also I don't use any special techniques or features on clip studio, as I do the line art and coloring and everything with the same brush :'3 (I'm not lazy, I just never got the time to explore :< )

When do you draw, what do you find most difficult to draw?

I'm still learning and have problems with a lot of simple stuff too like shadows, backgrounds, pOSeS, hANdS etc etc

How is a normal day from Swag_Shini ?

Talking about what I do in a day or what's my everyday life is like, I wound say it's a mix of procrastination, anxiety, and more procrastination (the days go fast is all >.>) I think I wake up pretty late (not a morning person) and do everything very slowly which is a very bad habit of mine :') I never attend live classes and watch the recordings in 2x speed lol. Once in a few days, I draw and when I draw, I continue for 4-5 hours straight. Other times I help mama in house chores and practice what I learnt along with some chill music. I like annoying my brother so I waste a lot of time on finding ways to bother him :P I don't have many friends so most of the time, I just talk to myself lolol...(I'm lonely help)

I'm a very laidback person but talkative at the same time. I would probably describe myself as a mix of everything haha like mature but childish, gentle but rude too. I have a mixed music taste too, starting from Linkin Park to Ariana Grande. I like both cats and dogs :3 and love wearing cute outfits, I love everything cute! I'm a huge bathroom singer and everyone is my neighborhood knows this :'> I like eating anything sweet, and skip to desserts most of the time ,used to bake a lot....but nowadays I don't cuz no one in my family likes sweet stuff other than me :'3

What anime, manga or manhwa,manhua are your favorites?

 I have watched a bunch of animes but Bleach and Naruto will always have special place in my heart :'3 since they're my first. Other than those, I like FMAB, Fairy tail, Death note, BNHA, Haikyuu, Demon Slayer and many more

 I haven't read much manga or manhwas (again tiME!)

How has the experience of working together been?

Working with Issho has been a delightful experience. Ivan-san has been very sweet and understanding since day one ♡ I love their ideas and like how they portray characters to make beautiful stories. Personally, Ivan-san is very kind and understands my struggles as a student :') also very patient with me since I took almost 3 months to complete two characters. He's very hardworking and always motivates me, very friendly and great to talk with ♡ I'm very happy that I got this chance to work with Issho and I'm looking forward to more projects together ♡

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