Yume Story

Yume is the 3rd story/collection of Issho the 2nd with our official artist Swag_Shini in this story we focus on the characters Noa, Nomi and Mei who have a very particular relationship with each other.

This story/collection is called Yume because of the meaning of the word in Japanese which is Dream.

What is a dream? is it a goal? is it an ambition? is it worth any way to make it happen?

On the other hand there are people who don't know how to appreciate how far they have come and what other people would be happy for, they just don't know what to say, maybe they don't enjoy what they are doing?

And finally there are the people who want to achieve what their loved ones wanted and couldn't, but is that their real dream?

these different points of view and the relationship between the characters make yume a sweet and bitter story at the same time.

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