Interview with Chikin

Interview with Chikin

Interview with Chikin

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am an utaite (person who covers songs) from Indonesia who spends most of her time singing and playing games 24/7.

What is a normal day for you?

normal day for me is mostly playing GenshinImpact, I cannot live without playing that game for a day. It’s like an activity that I have to do once I woke up in the morning.

What are your hobbies ?

I have a lot of hobbies! But if I had to choose, then singing, writing, and playing games is what I really love to do everyday!

Where does the name Chikin come from?

Actually there’s nothing special behind this name because the meaning itself is just chicken. I think about 6 years ago when I first started using Chikin as my name, the only reason why I decided to use this name because I just love to eat chicken and it’s kinda funny to think about it again because my name is just so different among all of my friends. The name comes from a chicken and I just went to Google translate and it says that chicken in Japanese is Chikin, so that is how I came up with it.

What led you to become a singer?

I have never thought that, I actually can sing because back then when I am still in elementary school, my friends said that my voice is not that good, sounds really bad, and they just don’t want to hear it. But then when I joined an Indonesian Utaite community on 2016, I met a lot of talented people and learned from them until finally I realized that I have a knack for singing. I think the feeling that I got when people said that they love to hear my voice and when they also said that by watching my music cover gets them excited is what leading me to become a singer. I want to sing because they love to hear it, and of course I also love to do it.

How would you describe the music you usually create?

Energetic with positive vibes and emotional yet beautiful? Because I want all people who listen to my music feel what I felt because I always put a lot of effort with the song lyrics that I wrote, and I want them to know how it feels or even relate to it.

What is your creative process like? What is the most difficult thing for you?

I don’t know if other people use the same method like me when they make a song, but I usually make the vocal melody of the song as my top priority. The first thing that I do once I have listened to the music or the instrumental that my client gave me is making the vocal melody of the song. After that I will write the lyrics before matching it together with the vocal melody. And once everything is done, I will start recording the final vocals. Sometimes some clients don’t have any music or instrumental with them because they want to make the music once I finish make the song and that’s a difficult/challenging thing for me to do because I have to make sure that the song that I made is what they wanted. They put a lot of expectations and I’m afraid if I can’t meet their standards, and it’s also going to take more than two weeks for me to finish it because the process is so different. But again thankfully I’ve done this more than once before, the clients really love how it sounds and it’s becoming a great song too even though it is still a difficult thing for me to do but I always give my best effort for all of my clients!

Where can we listen to you?

Chikin on YouTube and Chikindesu on SoundCloud! 

About the song you have composed and sung for us, how would you define it?

It’s a song about someone who wants to chase their dream. Someone who will get up again even though everything is difficult and someone who will never give up to achieve what they always wanted.

Was it difficult to make it?

Not at all! I totally enjoy and love my process when I composed this song so I also hope a lot of people will love it as much as I do!

Our brand is related to anime and manga, so we have to ask you about your favourite one if you have one?

My favorite anime of all the time is My Hero Academia, it’s always been my top number one recommendation too if someone asked what anime they should watch. And for a manga, I have to say that The Promised Neverland is the best!

From our side we believe that there will be more songs within this story we are creating and we are looking forward to collaborate with you in another occasion.

Of course. I really love and enjoy to collaborate and working Issho! All the characters are beautiful and interesting, I would love to know more about their stories in the future!

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