Interview with Fianisya

Interview with Fianisya

Interview with Fianisya

What can you tell us about yourself?

I’m Fianisya, an indie self-produced singer/songwriter from Indonesia.

What is a normal day for you?

I think for me, a normal day means me hanging out with my cat while listening to my classes like a podcast (I’m also still a full time UNI student)

What are your hobbies ?

Right now I’m addicted to shooting games…… but other than that I like to sing and cook!

What led you to become a singer?

I’ve always loved singing since I was a kid and my whole family was into music, too. I also love writing stories, creating something related to the creative field and I felt like my art would go to waste if I don’t share it to the world so it just feels natural for me to end up becoming a self-proclaimed singer, haha.

How would you describe the music you usually create?

I’m still exploring my style but I would say I enjoy making chill, lo-fi, RnB kind of music? Something you can listen to while studying, making art, or even before sleep.

What is your creative process like? What is the most difficult thing for you?

Hmm, I always start with a keyword when writing my songs. Whether I make the instruments first or the lyrics first, I make sure the vibe of the whole song is clear and that makes things easier for me, I think. The most difficult thing for me is when I feel uninspired! But when I do, I try to look for songs that have a similar vibe of what I’m going for or I’d probably just end up listening to Taylor Swift because she’s a lyrical genius.

Where can we listen to you?

My songs are available in spotify ! But I sometimes like to post some unreleased songs and song covers on my soundcloud or youtube . All are under the name “Fianisya”.

About the song you have composed and sung for us, how would you define it?

The song is about the moment where a person you used to be so close to comes back into your life after leaving for so long without a warning. In the lyrics, it’s written in a way to capture the worries and the doubt that you’d feel at the moment. Half the lyrics were arranged like a list of questions which I hoped would deliver the story I was trying to convey. :)

Was it difficult to make it?

Looking for the first idea, words, and sentences to use in the song at first was not easy but once I got the premise, the lyrics flowed naturally and were finished before I knew it.

our brand is related to anime and manga, so we have to ask you about your favourite one if you have one?

I do! I would say my favorite anime is every production made by Ghibli! Especially, “Arrietty”. But if we’re talking about manga turned anime, I do love the classic “Death Note”, both in manga form and anime.

from our side we believe that there will be more songs within this story we are creating and we are looking forward to collaborate with you in another occasion.
Yay! Looking forward to <3

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