know what's behind Yume story

know what's behind Yume story

know what's behind Yume story

In this collection we focus on dreams and the way in which people can achieve their dream or simply impose themselves on someone else's dream as if it were their own or other people who do not realise that they have already fulfilled their dream.

In Yume we will tell the story of the relationship between Noa the singer who is making her debut and who is trying to fulfil her sister Nomi's dream.

On the other hand we meet Mei, already an established singer who is going through a crisis after the appearance of a ghost of her best friend Nomi. 

And finally Nomi who returns several years after her death, but for what purpose?

After this little plot of the story, the special thing about this collection is that you will not only be able to enjoy the story but also the original songs of our characters.

Streaming song

Mei's single Don't leave me alone  

performed by Fianisya

by Noa you can enjoy her single Dream 

performed by Chikin

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